BICC - Business Intelligence Competence Center

The term BICC or in full "Business Intelligence Competence Center" was coined by Gartner in 2001. Gartner defined a BICC as "a cross-functional team with a permanent, formal organizational structure. It has well-defined specific tasks, roles, responsibilities and processes for supporting and promoting the effective use of BI across the organization." Over the years, a lot of research was published in terms of how companies in reality organised themselves organizationally to implement BI. Another definition of the BICC could be : "a Business Intelligence Competency Center creates a center for excellence (skills and capabilities) that continually weaves together business, people and process to achieve evolving business intelligence goals and objectives." Between other, the services and responsibilities of a BICC include : definition and internal approval of the BI Strategy, definition of the organisational aspects of the BICC (reporting lines, budget, mandate, funding, ...), BI Program Management Office, Data Stewardship, BI & CPM Front-end Tools & Infrastructure, ETL & DW Back-end Tools & Infrastructure (Data Acquisition), Knowledge Management for the BI program, internal Marketing & Communication, Education & Support and BI Team Management. More recently Gartner started to refer to the BICC as BAT, the Business Analytics Team.