Rabobank IDB - CRM Integration

Project 1: Migration track Rabobank IDB (Internet direct bank ) is currently implementing new call center software in its different countries. The current implementation Trinicom will be replaced by a custom Microsoft CRM implementation. This project involves the loading of the existing data on the Trinicom environment to the new CRM environment. This migration consists of two major parts. The first part is the closed calls that they mainly want to load the new CRM environment for historical research. All related issues such as SLA , workflow , and the like are unimportant and will not be applied to these closed calls. The second part of the migration will consist of open calls that may or may not be processed by the employees. These will have to follow the new workflows, and will be part of the defined SLA. This migration will be applied to all countries ( Australia , New Zealand, Belgium , Ireland , ... ). Although each implementation Trinicom is the same , the interpretation of fields actually vary by country. That is why we have chosen to make one solution for all the countries that will provide the desired result using filter - parameter and mapping tables. Project 2: Daily MDB2 load MDB2 is the central "Customer master database". This database contains a central set of customer data that is exchanged between different operating systems. Since Trinicom was one of the systems that sends and receives data of the MDB2 environment, something similar will need to be developed for the CRM environment. Deriving data from MDB2 to the CRM environment was therefore the aim of this project. Daily therefore customer, account, transaction and other data will de downloaded to the CRM environment so that the call center staff have a direct view of customer information as they treat a call.