CCH Tagetik implementation for Consolidation, Budget & Forecast

Euronav has chosen to implement CCH Tagetik as the solution to consolidate data across the Group for financial and managerial reporting, next to collecting and reporting across the budget and forecast data. element61 has gathered requirements, designed and implemented the CCH Tagetik solution together with the internal project team. Main realisations are the integration of financial and managerial consolidation and reporting on top of one unique dataset. As such the consolidation generates both the financial consolidated positions across entities and accounts next to the managerial consolidation which allows to break out consolidated data positions per ship. Next to the consolidation process, Euronav includes the full budget and forecast process within CCH Tagetik, supporting the data collection by local end-users operating at ship level across the globe up to forecast interventions executed centrally at HQ. Within the single application, all the data across actual-budget and forecast scenario is consolidated to allow proper comparison and variance analysis of the information. For benefit of a transparent build up in the budget process, some expenses are broken out into transactional details to allow a fluid budget estimation. The lowest level details of the budget are composed within the CCH Tagetik Analytical Information Hub which offers great flexibility in approaching the customer and department-specific budget concepts while maintaining the core model clean and lean, while the user experience is fully transparent between the AIH and the financial model.