Deciphering Data Architectures

Choosing between a Modern Data Warehouse, Data Fabric, Data Lakehouse and Data Mesh

A must-read for data architecture aficionados.

The book gives a timelined overview of the existing data analytics architectures, with information on why you would pick the framework of your choice.

No data concept stays unrevealed from relational data warehouses to data meshes, from data ingestion to Reverse ETL. It helps you to prepare your architecture with a blueprint of an architecture design session, with targeted questions to go to your optimal solution. At the end of the book, there is also a beautiful piece about people and processes. Each design is different and requires a different method to interact with it. It means you need to have different skill sets and roles/people. A brief section on possible pitfalls is something to take along the implementation route.

With the motto of 'understanding the past to build the future', this book should be a reference on each data architect's desk.

About the Author

James Serra is a big data and data warehousing solution architect at Microsoft. He is a thought leader in data architectures, big data and advanced analytics. James Serra is a master at explaining complex things in a simple matter.