Social Responsibility & ESG

element61 contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility and a sustainable future

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability are gaining importance in today's complex and constantly changing world.

Pirlewiet logoelement61 has had its own Social responsibility program since its start in 2007, which supports Pirlewiet. Pirlewiet organizes holidays for children & families of the 4th world in Belgium. In 2023, through over 200 volunteers, more than 400 people were able to live their first holidays. element61's team supports Pirlewiet both financially & logistically.

Since 2008, element61 each year has made an important financial gift to Pirlewiet in December. Including the 2023 gift of 12.000 €, we have gifted over 147.000 € to Pirlewiet since the start and have helped over 600 man-days with the camp activities.

As a team building activity, the element61 team helps set up the camp, transport materials, shop, cook, clean and prepare the camp location. In 2024, several groups of element61 will help on several days with all kinds of supporting activities for organising the camps.

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Our team helping at Pirlewiet

element61 also support the ESG/CSR initiative of Microsoft and signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge .

element61 is taking the following concrete initiatives in this regard:

Digital skills

element61 supports the BE Code AI Bootcamp program to meet the rapidly growing demand for IT specialists with AI knowledge. We are offering, in the context of the BE Code AI Bootcamp program, use-cases, guest lectures, education and internships.

We are also expanding our training offer to universities and high school programs. We support further development with knowledge transfer about Analytics, Performance Management, Data Science and AI. We are also happy to share our knowledge about the above domains as guest speakers.


element61 offers every year around 10 traineeships in the context of further growth in digital skills, data, Analytics and AI knowledge. A listing of current traineeships is available on our website. Read here how An Bouckaert looks back to her internship at element61 in 2021.

Diversity of the technology workforce

element61 is a fast-growing company with the most experienced team in Analytics, Performance Management and Data Science in the Belgium market. The diverse team consists of a good mix of young & experienced consultants. Diversity and gender equality are important values when expanding our team. The team includes more than 10 different nationalities. We are actively working to improve the male/female ratio in a sector that historically employed many men.

AI in a responsible and ethical way

element61 encourages its people to always display correct and integer behavior. In our Data Science and AI projects, we safeguard the AI principles of Accountability, Fairness, Inclusiveness, Privacy & Security, Reliability & Safety and Transparency. For more information on this topic see Responsible AI principles from Microsoft.

Focus on sustainability

Bringing organizations to the cloud can have a significant positive impact on the organization’s carbon emissions.

We help our customers in their journey to the cloud and have -ever since incorporation in 2007- always worked with a cloud based Office-suite, document sharing in the cloud and full cloud based Digital applications (CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Time registration, ...).

At element61, we also work actively around the climate impact of our offices, our fleet and our ICT material.

We are implementing the introduction of electric cars in our car policy, including mobility budgets as alternatives to company cars.

When we replace our Portable PCs or mobile phones, we refurbish them -even if that means additional costs for fixing broken, depreciated material- so that our team members or their family members can keep on using the equipment and they do not prematurely end up as electronic waste.