Commitment to Quality

In everything we do, we focus on quality. We consider "quality" as the one and only most important ingredient to both our customers' and our own success. Our individual & shared experience -"been there, done that"- is the basis to deliver quality in our projects.


Innovation & Excellence

As BI & CPM professionals with years of experience, we continue to follow the latest industry trends in order to stay up-to-date. We actively invest in continuous development of our human capital and have an early adopter attitude towards new technology. All of this happens in close collaboration with our Advisory Board, key thought leaders from the business and academic world.


Partnership & "get the job done" mentality

Structure and methodology are combined with pragmatism for executing our assignments. Our working relationship with the customer is a long-term partnership, not a short term revenue opportunity. Performance Management initiatives are strategic projects for our customers. We act as a strategic"trusted advisor"for our clients, as well as the implementation partner delivering individual, tangible milestones.


Trust, Integrity & Ethics

We always put the customer's interest first. We encourage our people to display correct and integer behaviour at all times. We are committed to give something back to the community through our element61 Charity Initiative.


Motivation & Fun

We like to work hard and play hard. Because of our passion for what we do and the company culture that we stand for, working for and with us is fun ! Our motivation comes from the fact we are able to do what we are best at and like doing most !