IBM Cognos TM1

IBM Cognos TM1 is an On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) software tool that provides analysis of data stored in a database. IBM Cognos TM1 is a client-server environment which stands for "Tables Manager 1". In this multidimensional analysis application a TM1 developer can also build complete planning, budgeting and forecast models, as the OLAP cube technology also supports write-back. The data is kept in a in-memory database and the formulas are kept in a spreadsheet.

TM1 advices to analyze the data using up to eight dimensions. It consists of remote TM1 servers to which the following clients can connect: TM1 Architect, TM1 Client, TM1 Web Client and TM1 Perspectives. Cognos TM1 is Cognos 10 ready which means that TM1 cubes can be accessed via IBM Cognos Report Studio or IBM Cognos Analysis studio.

TM1 originally was created by Applix, a company acquired by Cognos in 2007, just prior to the acquisition of Cognos by IBM later that same year.