Building the Data Warehouse

Bill Inmon is one of the true pioneers of data warehousing and his "Building the Data Warehouse” is an absolute must read for every self-respecting data warehouse professional. First published in 1990, it provides a comprehensive introduction into the core concepts and methods of data warehousing. This new edition covers the latest developments and comes with some new chapters on understanding methods for handling unstructured data in a data warehouse; storing data across multiple storage media; examining the pros and cons of relational vs. multidimensional design; measuring return on investment in planning data warehouse projects; exploring advanced topics, including data monitoring and testing.

About the Author

Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse concept, has written 40 books on data management, data warehouse, design review, and management of data processing. Bill has published more than 250 articles in many trade journals. Bill founded and took public Prism Solutions. His latest company — Pine Cone Systems — builds software for the management of the data warehouse/data mart environment.