Data Warehouse with TimeXtender and Qlikview on INFOR data

Based on a need for information, a reporting was set up in Qlikview many years ago. The information was taken directly from the ERP source system (INFOR). Now, many years later and after an exponential growth in the demand for information, the current working method is no longer sustainable and it was decided to set up a new data warehouse together with element61.

The technology chosen was to work with TimeXtender. This ETL tool has already proven its strength and also has excellent integration with both Qlikview and QlikSense available. This has the additional advantage that the semantic model can also be developed in this tool. Moreover, it is able to provide all the necessary code from this semantic layer, as a result of which the work in Qlikview or QlikSense is drastically reduced.

The development of the data warehouse runs in a 'co-development / coaching' mode because Centrotec, with a short training, has the necessary technical capacity in-house. As element61 we have mainly drawn up the foundations of the house and, by means of a small development, set up a consolidation of the source systems so that all countries and departments can be easily reported on.