Origin of the name

The company name: element61

Element 61 in the Periodic Table of Elements (Table of Mendeljev) is Promethium or PM. PM for us stands for Performance Management, the space in which we want to become the reference & thought leader. Currently, people define this field broader as 'Business Analytics'
The name of the element Promethium is derived from Prometheus. In Greek mythology, Prometheus (Ancient Greek, "forethought") is the Titan chiefly honoured for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind for their use. He is depicted as an intelligent and cunning figure, who had sympathy for humanity. To this day, the term promethean refers to events or people of great creativity, intellect and boldness, emulating Prometheus. As the introducer of fire and inventor of crafts, Prometheus was seen as the patron of human civilization.
Through our passion, we want to bring fire to your Business Analytics initiatives.

About the logo

Origin of the company name : element61The connected atoms of our logo, obviously refer back to the chemical "element" they form together. However they also symbolize two other kind of connections we want to stand for. On the one hand, as a partnership of Performance Management professionals, we connect the skills & experience of our people into a network of peers resulting in a Center of Excellence. On the other hand, through our knowledge & commitment, we also want to help you to connect all the different processes and functionalities of Business Intelligence & CPM in your organisation resulting in effective Performance Management.