BIMAC Seminar - How to become a Chief Performance Officer

BIMAC vzw - invites
you to its annual Controllers-day.

On Thursday March 24th, 2011, a number of
international reputated speakers in the domain of Performance Management will
be introduced:

  • Our
    keynote speaker Anthony Politano is the author of the book 'The Chief
    Performance Officer'. He will introduce to us the function 'Chief Performance
    Officer' as well as the roles & responsibilities of this person within
    the organization.


  • Prof.
    Dr Frank Hartmann, Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University, will
    bring a session on 'The Effectiveness of relying on Accountancy-based
    Performance Measures'.

  • Stijn
    , Co-founder of element61, a leading provider of CPM & BI
    Consulting services
    , will give us tips & tricks on 'Successfully
    integrating CPM into BI - Maintaining One version of the truth'.

  • Prof.
    Dr Arco van de Ven, TiasNimbas - the Business School of Tilburg University,
    will conclude the day with a presentation on 'Risk Management vs Performance

During the day, there will also be 2
presentations on Best Practices in Performance Management.

For more information :

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