Toon Puissant

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Toon Puissant is an experienced Project and Delivery Manager working in Business Analytics since 1997. Toon has a background in Applied Economics (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and a Master of Business Administration in the USA.
Toon started his career at leading consulting organisations such as EDS and IBM. In 1997, Toon joined Platinum Technologies as Data Warehouse consultant. In 1999, Toon joined start-up Norkom Technologies (Advanced Analytics) as one of the first Belgian consultants. After moving to the Delivery Manager position, he helped grow the organisation to approximately 30 people. He combined this managerial role with project management for a number of major projects at key accounts. Between 2005 and 2007, Toon worked as an independent Business Intelligence professional.
Throughout his professional career, Toon has worked in customer-facing roles, focusing on creatively thinking together with the customer about solutions to their Business Analytics problems, followed by an active & pragmatic involvement in the implementation of the solution. Toon has a strong methodology background (Prince2™ certification) combined with in-depth technical & communication skills.
In 2007, Toon co-founded element61, focusing on Customer Program Quality Management and Business Analytics roadmaps.

Toon Puissant's specific area of expertise is overall Business Analytics & Performance Management best practices and architecture, the technical architecture, methodological aspects and organizational processes. The ability to take a bird's eye view on overall Business Analytics & Performance Management strategy is crucial because of the increasing integration between ‘traditional' Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. Toon is very often involved in the early stages of program and project definition through Business Analytics & Performance Management Roadmap assignments, working together with the Senior Executives of an organisation.