14 Jul 2020 Tuesday
Eager to accelerate and smoothen your affiliates reporting & close cycle? Experience how element61 can support your faster close appetite, supported by CCH Tagetik Consolidation & Close.
14 Jul 2020 Tuesday
Eager to revitalize your consolidation process? Experience how element61 can support you, introducing control in the data consolidation and agility in the data analysis and reporting process, supported by CCH Tagetik Consolidation & Close.
15 Jul 2020 Wednesday
Autonomous growth and the development of new business models require the agility and speed of the finance department.
16 Jul 2020 Thursday
Ambitious to gain momentum in your budget process? Experience how element61 can support you with top down budget agility or parallel budget scenario’s, supported by CCH Tagetik Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting.
17 Jul 2020 Friday
The ideal S&OP tool is a unified solution that leverages Excel. Business users throughout the world are deeply familiar and comfortable with Excel, and companies who adopt an Excel-based solution will not incur significant training or implementation costs.
28 Jul 2020 Tuesday
Join this 90 minutes webinar where we give you a comprehensive insight on the Planning functionalities in SAP Analytics Cloud. Get introduced to version management, story creation, workflow setup, value driver tree possibilities and much more.
30 Jul 2020 Thursday
Join this 90 minutes webinar on the latest Financial Consolidation tool from SAP: SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting. Learn how Group Reporting enables faster consolidation, reporting and closing through automation and Provide better transparency and insight.
11 Aug 2020 Tuesday
Microsoft takes the Business Intelligence market by storm with Power BI. Are you completely new to Power BI and do you want to understand how Power BI can help your organization?
18 Aug 2020 Tuesday
Microsoft offers best in class capabilities for both Self-Service AND Enterprise Business Intelligence with Power BI. You want to do both but how can you keep this continuum and keep Power BI in control and governed?
25 Aug 2020 Tuesday
Power BI Premium is becoming Microsoft’s flagship tool for both self-service BI and enterprise BI. Do you need Premium in your organization or will Power BI Pro be enough to do the job?