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In October 2008, we published the below Insight " Best Practices in Modelling IBM Cognos 8 Semantic Layers " on our website. Since then, this page has become the most visited page on our website, with over 50.000 pageviews since publication, clearly...
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Maarten Vanleenhove
Extraction, Transformation & Loading : often expensive ! ETL or the art of extracting, transforming and loading data is a key process in developing and maintaining a data warehouse, the foundation for sound Performance Management. It can however...
Jan Claes
Introduction Over the past years, Microsoft has been building –slowly but certainly- its Business Intelligence & Performance Management vision & product stack. Despite Microsoft's roots and its reputation for building user friendly end...
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Mathias Leupe
Introduction In the last decade the business intelligence market has been relatively fragmented with a lot of different vendors offering open solutions, which were designed to operate with a large variety of different databases, data-sources (ERP,...
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Jelle Daems
Spreadsheets are everywhere. They enable us to quickly perform analysis that would otherwise be difficult or time consuming to prepare. We all use them because we love the flexibility that comes with them and the undue trust we trend to place in the...
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Stijn Vermeulen
2007 has been quite an amazing year for the market of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. More than 15 billion $ was spent in Mergers & Acquisitions, mainly by the software industry giants SAP, Oracle & IBM, to...
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Stijn Vermeulen
Introduction As solutions for Planning & Budgeting further merge with solutions for "classical” Business Intelligence, Performance Management professionals increasingly need to reflect on an information technology architecture that...
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Toon Puissant
De markt van Business Intelligence en Corporate Performance Management software lijkt steeds meer in te worden. Vanwaar deze trend en in welke mate beantwoordt het aan een reële behoefte van de klanten. Business Intelligence (BI) is de laatste...
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Stijn Vermeulen
Read why a data warehouse plays an important role in your cpm architecture !
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Stijn Vermeulen