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Introduction Power BI is the collective term from Microsoft for an organization-wide Self-service business intelligence (BI) infrastructure. Power BI empowers end users and provides tools to take care of an end-to-end business intelligence scenario...
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Saar Gillis
Since our last Insight on IBM Cognos Mobile (then in version IBM Cognos 10.1.1) the device market has continued its steady increase in the sale of mobile devices. Tablets are to become the new Personal Computer and Gartner predicts that this year...
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Maarten Vanleenhove
In this insight, we try to do a side-by-side comparison of the main functionality of Oracle HFM against SAP BPC, 2 of the leading solutions in the Gartner Corporate/Enterprise Performance Management Magic Quadrant. Both solutions are trying to...
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Axel Derycke
Introduction Drilling across different fact tables is a very important technique when analyzing data from a data warehouse. It gives us the possibility to analyze facts from different fact tables using conformed dimensions. When using Analysis...
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Koen Verbeeck
Introduction SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) is available in a version for SAP Netweaver and a version for the Microsoft platform. SAP BPC Netweaver has the advantage that ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) can be...
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Dirk Francis
Testing ETL projects - used for Extracting data, Transforming it according to reporting requirements and Loading it into the data warehouse - is very complex because of many reasons. Typically huge amounts of data are handled and data comes often...
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Davy Knuysen
In 2007 SAP AG completed its first major acquisitions of software firms to increase its market share in the CPM market space. Originally SAP AG purchased the software vendor OutlookSoft and then later that year it acquired BusinessObjects. These two...
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Jeff Persico
Introduction Go to Google and type in the words "Why do BI projects fail ?". You can select any of the sites listed in your result set, and every single one will mention data quality issues as one of the top reasons. In many of the Business...
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Kristof Gobbens
Introduction Creating insight in your company data is becoming crucial for all companies. Data is seen as an asset and can be used as a strategic advantage towards competitors. Knowledge is power, but how can this knowledge be organized in a company...
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Jorn Van den Driessche
Starting with the release of IBM Cognos 10.2 Business Intelligence a completely new cubing technology was introduced. Dynamic Cubes are an in-memory cube technology that will build multidimensional OLAP structures on a star schema or snowflake in...
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Maarten Vanleenhove