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Our intern An Bouckaert gained more practical experience in data science and data engineering during her internship at element61.
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Bart Van Der Vurst
Why? Since data pipelines are far behind the efficiency of the software industry, tools are needed to bring the design up to speed and to guarantee data quality. This optimisation and performance improvement can happen with tools such as dbt and...
Kyana Bosschaerts
What is dbt? dbt is an open-source transformation tool that aims to simplify the work of the analytic engineer in the data pipeline workflow. It specifically implements only the T in the ETL process. The greatest feature is that it focuses on...
Kyana Bosschaerts
Is Azure Synapse Serverless a complementary solution to your current data warehouse setup?
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Peter Depypere
1 Introduction Modern analytical tools like Power BI are designed to deliver results in a very fast and dynamic way. However, a problem in your data model or overcomplex calculations, can result in a slower report. How to investigate this? DAX...
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Sven Pauwels
At the beginning of November, Microsoft launched two new products: Power BI Premium 2nd generation backend offering. Power BI Premium per user , which is a new frontend license. The launch of Power BI Premium per user was made possible by releasing...
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Timothy Van Brusselen
In a time when data has become more and more prevalent, managing your sources and information regarding them becomes pivotal as well. Many people spend a lot of time looking for the right data and get the right value out of it. How wonderful would...
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Houssin Yahiaoui
At some point you want to automate your data warehouse tasks. With Azure Data Factory you can automate tasks using the web component or webhook component.
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Arne Hoefkens
If you have worked with data in Python before, you are probably familiar with the following line of code: import pandas as pd The Pandas library is widely seen as the de-facto standard library for data science in Python and rightly so. It offers a...
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Louis Dubaere
In this insight we focus on one of the leading tools: MLflow and how MLflow can facilitate and improve your ML lifecycle.
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Floriant Sturm