dataMinds User Group Session: IoT Analytics to unveil the potential of Real-Time Data & Power BI Governance in Corporate Environments

Feb 2024
20 February, 2024
18:00 to 21:30
element61, Buro & Design Center - Esplanade 1, bus 96, 1020 Brussel (3rd floor)
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Join us at the dataMinds User Group Session "IoT Analytics to unveil the potential of Real-Time Data  & Power BI Governance in Corporate Environments" on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 at the element61 offices in Brussels. Food & drinks will be foreseen.


What's on the agenda?

  • 18u00 Welcome and introductions
  • 18u30 IoT Analytics to Unveil the Potential of Real-Time Data Streams (60 minutes) by Jasper Penneman & Louis Vincent

    Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing and operations, enabling high connectivity, automation, and data-driven decisions. This offers organizations a huge potential towards enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes. With IoT Analytics as part of your modern data platform, you can unlock the value of Real-Time Data Streams.

    In this session, we will dive into IoT use cases and share our experience in the field. Next, to give examples of IoT and Streaming, we will give an overview of how the IoT data services of Azure can be used to include real-time data flows in your modern data platform.
    Join us and learn how IoT and Streaming can become a driver of innovation in your organization!
  • 19u45 Setting up Power BI Governance in Corporate Environments (60 minutes) by Isa Brysbaert

    Join industry experts as we explore key strategies, applied to a real use case, for effective data governance, covering topics such as access control, data quality assurance, and managing of different environments. Daikin's data estate is growing and thus is the need for governance more important than ever. Gain insights into optimizing Power BI usage at the front end for end-users and at the back-end developers while safeguarding data integrity.
  • 20u45 Networking
  • 21u30 Session End


Louis Vincent

Louis Vincent - Analytics Architect - element61

Passionate about designing and laying out the infrastructure to enable real-time, data-driven decisions from IoT data. Putting my passion into practice end-to-end at element61 and their customers like Agristo, Duco and Lhoist.

Jasper Penneman

Jasper Penneman - Data Scientist - element61

As a Data Scientist/Engineer at element61, I have experience in setting up data solutions (data warehousing, customer analytics, forecasting) for organizations of diverse scales, always focused on extracting real value from data.

Isa Brysbaert

Isa Brysbaert - Functional Analyst - Data Scientist – Daikin Europe

Meet Isa Brysbaert, a dynamic professional with a journey in Power BI governance. Starting from scratch, she pioneered the development of a comprehensive governance framework for Daikin Europe, Middle East and Africa. Isa is a passionate advocate for collaboration, leveraging her skills to bring diverse stakeholders together. Her story is about navigating the complexities of IT support for Power BI while building bridges to foster unity.

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