Bart Van Der Vurst

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Partner Analytics

Bart graduated as a Master in Business Engineering with a specialization in Marketing Advanced Analytics in 2013. Since then, Bart is passionate about making impact happen through the use of (Big) data & (Advanced) Analytics. 

Bart started his professional career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company where he focused on taking the analytical lead on international client projects and similarly learned the skillset of structured project management, (client) team management and managing implementation roadmaps.
After 2 years, Bart moved to Paris and started working at ‘Africa Internet Group’ (now called Jumia) as Head of Marketing Intelligence where he was responsible for managing the E2E digital marketing data flow, its analytics & reporting for all 14 operating countries; managing a team of 5 people. Six months in, Bart was asked to lead the entire intelligence team -10 men strong- at Jumia managing a team of both analysts and BI techs. 
In this role, Bart was in charge of the technical BI set-up (Microsoft SQL Server), the digital tracking and big data set-up (Google Cloud Platform), the creation and visualization of business-relevant reporting in Qlikview and the analytical crunching of recommendations (using R, Python, Pyspark). In this experience, his key achievement was the step-by-step transformation of the company into a technology-enabled organization with self-service BI stack, automated dashboard layer and a clear digital footprint of the customer.
Bart’s focus area is to guide organizations in translating their business needs into working tech-enabled solutions. In a world driven by technology (and buzzwords), his both business- and tech- background allow him to act as a translator for clients helping them understand and focus.
In his free time, Bart goes to the gym & runs (at least) once a week. He loves to cook and finds his energy in spending time with friends and family. Bart likes boardgames and is passionate about Italy and its red wine.