Junior Data Scientist

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We live in a data-driven world where data can be leveraged for reporting & analyses but also for data-driven products and applications. To support the latter, we are looking for extra people to join the data science team.

Role descriptions like Data Scientist are broadly used for reporting tasks & analyst tasks. Our job offer is there to reflect a true data scientist position: i.e. one where we’ll be asked you to crunch data with the objective to build machine learning models and to embed them in applications together with your data engineering colleagues.

Data, analytics and innovation go hand-in-hand. The innovation team at element61 works with clients in helping them understand the impact of (big) data, digital & analytics on their business model, define a compelling strategy and get the job done. You’ll be part of a mixed team of data strategists, engineers & data scientists and help our clients from strategy, over proof-of-concept to a full-blown working application. 

Key responsibilities

As a data scientist, you aim to work hands-on to deliver data-driven machine learning models & applications. Every mission we’ll embark will have concrete deliverables and a deadline; this means we can guarantee you a variety of engagements across clients & industries: e.g. one month you might work on a predictive maintenance modelling, another month you might work on a churn model for a marketing client.

You’ll be responsible for (1) data preparation (e.g. feature engineering), (2) research on what type of models to use and (3) the modelling itself. You will work (standalone or in team) with clients (~50% of the time at the client) and have a responsibility on managing project timeline, status meetings and client coaching & training.

Your responsibilities:

  • Develop predictive and other machine learning models in Python, R or Scala
  • Guide customers towards translating their use-case or business idea in machine learning techniques and models
  • Act as data science expert on latest machine learning & AI trends
  • Be a thought-partner for client data science teams in tackling their specific challenges, limitations & ambitions through machine learning
  • Inspire customers with insights, opportunities on new data-driven use-cases
  • Work with external vendors and partner technologies
  • Embrace project management aimed towards getting the job done. This will include working with client data scientists, data engineers but also business stakeholders
  • Be an on- and offline ambassador for the element61 innovation team

Being a data scientist at element61 means you will work with businesses and executives in Belgium helping them to get a grip on the impact of (big) data, analytics, machine learning & artificial intelligence. As time passes, we’ll encourage you to build a functional expertise within a business or technical domain within your interest such as ad-tech, deep learning, digital marketing, predictive maintenance or other.

Your profile

  • University degree in Computer Science or Engineering and/or a specialized master in Machine Learning or AI which reflects in
  1. Knowledge about machine learning approaches and the variety of models which exist & their application area (e.g., SVM, RNN, Deep learning)
  2. Knowledge about data science basics including sampling and the various evaluation metrics
  3. Fluent in SQL and Python or R
  • No working experience required; any experience can be a plus
  • Knowledge on the open-source Big Data Ecosystem (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka) and/or the IaaS or SaaS Ecosystem (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) considered a plus
  • Additional programming skills such as Scala, Java, C++ or C# considered a plus
  • Passionate about machine learning technology & applications and eager to learn
  • Enthusiasm to be part of a growing team & industry
  • Fluent in English, Dutch or French is a plus

Are you interested in this opportunity? 

Send your curriculum vitae and motivation letter to jobs@element61.be