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Large Language Models (LLMs) represent the forefront of AI research and development, enabling unprecedented opportunities for innovation across numerous domains. As AI continues to evolve, so does the landscape of possibilities, especially in the realms of agent-based interactions, multi-model chains, self-inquiring systems, and the integration of multimedia into expansive knowledge bases. This internship is designed to explore these cutting-edge areas, pushing the boundaries of what LLMs can achieve.

In this dynamic context, we aim to enhance our capabilities and understanding of LLMs, focusing on the following key areas:

  • Agent Use: Exploring the deployment of AI agents that can autonomously interact with information systems, users, and other agents to perform complex tasks.
  • Multi-Model Chains: Investigating the integration of multiple models to create sophisticated AI systems capable of handling a wide range of inputs and generating more complex outputs.
  • Self-Ask LLMs: Developing mechanisms for LLMs to generate their own queries based on the context, enhancing their learning and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Multimedia Knowledge Bases: Expanding the scope of LLMs to include the processing and understanding of images and videos, enriching the AI's knowledge base and its applicability to real-world scenarios.


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In this internship, the student will:

  • Work with cutting-edge technologies in the field of AI, focusing on LLMs, to explore and develop innovative applications within the specified areas.
  • Engage in hands-on experimentation and development, employing the latest methodologies to integrate multimedia elements into LLMs and enhance their capabilities.
  • This internship will not only be a technical exploration but also an opportunity to contribute to the evolving landscape of AI, offering both a technical and strategic perspective on the development and application of LLMs.


The student will gain experience with state-of-the-art technology and contribute to pioneering applications in a rapidly advancing field.

As a trainee, we expect you to:

  • Apply your academic knowledge to explore innovative solutions and gain practical experience in the forefront of AI technology.
  • Participate in the development and experimentation with Python, AI frameworks, and possibly other programming languages as required.
  • Exhibit your ability to document and present your findings and developments effectively.
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovative thinking in navigating the challenges and opportunities of working with LLMs.

What are we looking for:

  • Character: Initiative-taking, collaborative, with a drive to innovate in a rapidly evolving field.
  • Working Practice: Analytical, creative, and results-oriented with a structured approach to problem-solving.
  • Passion: A strong interest in AI, machine learning technologies, and their applications, with an eagerness to learn and contribute to the field.
  • Enthusiasm: Excited to join and grow within a team at the cutting edge of AI research and application.

This internship represents a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of AI research and application, contributing to the development of technologies that will shape the future.

Language: working level English

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