Comparing DBT vs Delta Live Tables in practice

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In the dynamic world of data engineering and analytics, the ability to efficiently process and manage data is paramount. With the advent of tools like DBT (Data Build Tool) and Delta Live Tables, data professionals have powerful options at their disposal to streamline data transformation workflows in the cloud. However, choosing the right tool for specific data engineering tasks remains a challenge. This internship focuses on a hands-on comparison of DBT versus Delta Live Tables in practical scenarios.

As part of our data engineering team, you will dive deep into the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of both DBT and Delta Live Tables. Your work will contribute to our understanding of how each tool fits into our data architecture and its impact on data quality, processing speed, and overall efficiency in data workflows.


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In this traineeship, the student will:

  • Work with Python, SQL, and Databricks, exploring DBT and Delta Live Tables to understand their integration and performance in real-world data workflows.
  • Conduct a comprehensive comparison between DBT and Delta Live Tables, focusing on their application in data transformation, version control, testing, and CI/CD integration within cloud-based data platforms.
  • Develop benchmarks and case studies to illustrate the advantages and limitations of each tool, providing actionable insights that will guide our data engineering practices.
  • This traineeship will blend technical experimentation with a strategic evaluation, offering insights into optimizing data pipelines for scalability, reliability, and agility.


The student will engage with cutting-edge data technologies, applying them to practical comparisons that will inform our strategic data engineering decisions.

As a trainee, we expect you to:

  • Apply your academic knowledge to analyze and compare sophisticated data tools, offering fresh perspectives on data engineering challenges.
  • Perform hands-on data engineering tasks using Python, SQL, and cloud data platforms, demonstrating your ability to navigate and integrate complex data technologies.
  • Exhibit your ability to document and communicate findings effectively through presentations, demonstrations, and written reports.
  • Demonstrate creativity and critical thinking by exploring innovative ways to leverage DBT and Delta Live Tables in our data ecosystem.

What are we looking for:

  • Character: Customer-focused, collaborative, and driven to innovate within a global team environment.
  • Working Practice: Analytical, methodical, and goal-oriented with a keen eye for detail.
  • A strong interest in data engineering, analytics, and the latest data technologies, coupled with an eagerness to learn and apply new skills.
  • Enthusiasm for contributing to a team and industry at the forefront of data technology and practices.

Language: working level English

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