Demo: Azure Cognitive Search

In this demo, we showcase the key functionalities of Azure Cognitive Search, including indexes, indexers, and skillsets.

  • Indexes are used to store and manage searchable data. They contain fields that define the structure of the data and can be used to perform full-text search, filtering, and sorting. 
  • Indexers are used to extract data from external sources and populate an index with it. They can be scheduled to run at regular intervals or triggered manually. 
  • Skillsets are collections of one or more skills that can be used to extract information from unstructured data. Skills can be used to perform tasks such as text analysis, image analysis, and entity recognition. Skillsets can be attached to indexers to enable automatic enrichment of data during indexing.

In this demo, we demonstrate how Cognitive Search indexes documents and makes them available as embeddings for your chatbot. With Cognitive Search, you can easily search through your data and extract insights from it. Our demo is a great way to get started with Cognitive Search and explore its capabilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.