Microsoft Analytics & AI Day 2024

Apr 2024
23 April, 2024
09:30 to 17:30
Kinepolis Brussels

Join us on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024, at our annual element61 Microsoft Analytics & AI Day focusing on how your organization can innovate through and with Data & Analytics.

What's on the agenda?

Next to the technical deep-dive sessions, we have added several sessions providing people who are newer to the topics with all the info to jumpstart their analytics journey!

  • An introductory session on the Modern Data Platform. You'll learn why a Modern Data Platform is an essential foundation for any successful Analytics and AI strategy, ensuring scalability, flexibility and innovation while maintaining a clear perspective on governance and cost. The session also discusses how we approach building an actionable roadmap as an ideal first step.
  • A session where we'll delve into the intricacies of Power BI's latest technological marvels, empowering you with the skills to navigate and leverage them effortlessly. 
  • A session where we transform your HR data into actionable insights in Power BI for better decision-making. 
  • A captivating testimonial where Renson shares experiences on how they benefit from the "Out-of-the-Box" solutions!
  • A session on the Power BI Governance Acceleration Kit which ensures a healthy growth of Power BI solutions.
  • A summary session by element61 on the latest trends in the Analytics space incl. the latest features and services in Azure Databricks
  • An explanatory session on Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft’s response to the paradigm shifts happening in Analytics, and what it means for you! 
  • A session on a 'Data to Decision' framework on how to create Power BI reports that create business value.
  • A session where we will walk you through one of our projects where we incorporated GenAI technology (LLM's) into a Databricks batch process, enhancing the reporting data.
  • An inspiring testimonial of our customer ECO3 on their full data transformation trajectory and the impact on their business. 
  • A full Data Science track showcasing tremendous advancements in the world of Data Science with the pinnacle: the rise of Generative AI. With "deep dive" sessions in Data Science cases that offer clear business value and a testimonial of OMP on BI & embedding Open AI in its software.
  • A clarifying session on Lakehouse: what it is, why it is relevant to future data warehousing and how it is enabled with Azure & Databricks.
  • An introductory session on how “Data Governance” is crucial to fuel your data strategy, a more in-depth session on why a data catalog is fundamental to your Azure data platform & how Microsoft Purview helps you achieve this.
  • A session to discover our successful Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" solutions, available for Microsoft Dynamics and S/4HANA. This best practice fully automated modular platform delivers Power BI Business Intelligence & Analytics in one workweek! We also introduce how to extend your "Out-of-the-Box" experience with AI for Accounts Receivable, Demand Forecasting, Customer Segmentation and Power BI Governance and Analytics Monitoring add-ons.
  • An introduction to how Microsoft Sustainability Manager can help you to achieve your ESG & Sustainability goals and what the role can be of an Azure Data Lake for ESG.
  • A live demonstration of integrating SAP data in Azure with Fivetran including a testimonial by Beaulieu on the choice for Fivetran.
  • A session on how Vena embraces Azure and Azure Open AI technologies to empower Finance teams with cutting-edge budgeting and forecasting capabilities. We will demo Vena's added value for Planning Budgeting as the only Financial Planning & Analysis solution with a native Power BI connector.
  • A clarifying session on all concepts and components related to tackling IoT & OT. And a session on how Timeseer.AI can help you improve the data quality of your sensor data stream.
  • An introductory session on how data platform automation solution TimeXtender can drastically reduce your development time. The latest features of the product will be shared, ranging from Azure & Fabric integration and Data Governance to Data Observability.

Download the detailed agenda here.

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