element61 nominated as “Belgian Startup of the Year” !

From February 12th till March 1st, 2010, the Datanews readers were able to select | out of a longlist of 66 companies - their 3 nominees for the upcoming Datanews Awards for Excellence in the category "Belgian Startup of the Year”. element61 was nominated together with Babelway and Collibra to the final 3 nominees.

A professional jury finally selected Collibra as the winner at the April, 29th 2010 gala event with over 750 ICT professionals in Tour & Taxis, Brussels.

The longlist included @mire, Algorismi, A-Server, Babelway, Baphira, Belighted, B-Virtual, Cartagenia, CB Logic, Centix, Chiveo, Citymesh, CityPlug, CMOSIS, Collibra, Commentag, Cream, Desktop Reporting, Dotlabs, Doxys, D-Square, Eclipse, Enqio, Eonix, eSaturnus, ExpoPolis, fdXtended, Firedigit, Forcea, GeoAutomation, GeoInvent, Geolives, Geosparc, Geovise, Ict4me, IntoPIX, IntroNiche, IS-practice, Kpiware.com, Mobiya, Mollom, MostforWater, Nomado Telecom, Optrima, Orbicule, Oxynade, PCgenius, Phyto-IT, Piton, Racktivity, Sigasi, Skilto, Smart Sunday, Spiritus, Super-Visions, Tagger.fm, Triphase, U-Sentric, Vision ++, VisionWare, Vodtec, Whatever, Yuntaa, Zenso and Zimmo.

Datanews, an edition of Roularta, is the leading Belgian ICT magazine distributed on over 20.000 copies. The annual Datanews Awards are a bit the Belgian ICT Oscars !

The whole element61-team would like to thank everyone who supported us by their vote !