element61 celebrates first anniversary

element61, the thought-leading Performance Management consulting company in the Belgian marketplace today provided an update on the company after exactly 12 months of business. The company was incorporated on March 3rd, 2007. element61 was founded by 4 seasoned Performance Management professionals: Stijn Vermeulen, Alain Van Hove, Toon Puissant and Iver van de Zand.

The company today counts a total of 14 Performance Management consultants, with a unique total experience in Business Intelligence & Performance Management of over 125 man-years. The below table gives an idea of the impressive track records of the individual team members, with no single consultant having less than 5 years Business Intelligence & Performance Management experience :
  Mathias 8
  Koen 8
  Maarten 7,5
  Kris 7
  Alain 6,5
  Jelle 6,5
  Christophe 6,5
Experience, expertise & innovation are key ingredients of differentiation for the company. The average number of years experience in Performance Management per consultant is currently 9 years.
"Having grown to a team of 14 in less than a year, we are very happy with the fact that we see that our investments in additional training, innovation & research clearly attract the senior profiles we are looking for” comments Stijn Vermeulen, Managing Director. "And this despite the fact that everyone will agree that recruitment, especially of very senior people, in our space, is a challenge. However, not only our operating model is confirmed by the quality of our team, but also by the quality of our business. In our first fiscal quarter of 2008, our quarterly revenue was higher than the sum of revenue of the 3 prior quarters. Our blue chip customer list shows that also customers increasingly accept that success in Performance Management initiatives also largely comes with experience and focus on methodology & architecture.”
Over the last 12 months, element61 has executed assignments for respected customers like Beaulieu International Group, Boehringher Ingelheim, de Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn, DHL Aviation, FostPlus, Johnson & Johnson, Manpower, Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Nike, Start People, Tessenderlo Group, TNT Express, Unique Interim and USG People.