SAP BPC Optimize application

Lite Optimization:
-Clears Real-time data storage (WRITEBACK) and moves it to short-term data storage (FAC2). This option doesn't take the system offline, and can be scheduled during normal business activity.

Incremental Optimization:
-Clears both real-time and Short-term data storage (WB and FAC2) and moves both to Long-term data storage (FACT).
-This option should be run when the system is offline, but it will not take the system offline so it should be run during off-peak periods of activity.

Full Process Optimization:
-Clears both real-time and short-term data storage and processes the dimensions.
-This option takes the system offline and takes longer to run than the incremental optimization.
-It is best run scheduled at down-time periods – for example after a month-end close.