Logging in CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik offers logging on many levels. An example here is the log file situated in the tagetik\logs folder on the CCH Tagetik Application Server. The log file is archived daily to a separate file with a date-suffix.

As such the content of the logs folder will grow and can use up unnecessary disk space. As of service pack 14, these files get compressed with a .gz extension, which results in files which are 5-15 times smaller.

Logging in CCH Tagetik


This is useful, but when upgrading from a version before service pack 13, make sure that the logging is properly updated. You can do this by modifying the standalone.conf.bat file within the wildfly\bin folder. The proper reference should be:

set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dlog4j.configurationFile=file:///tagetik/config/log4j/log4jv2.xml

After downloading and saving the updated log4j-file from the Tagetik-Community to the tagetik/config/log4j folder and restarting the Wildfly service, the new logging should start. In the User Interface, there should be no warning-banner regarding logging visible.

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