SOPFI - Budgeting and Financial Planning in the Social Sector

In collaboration with Moore Belgium, element61 has developed a solution for the Social Sector to enable them to make the transition from supply to demand-driven care. This change of regulation in the social sector for the Persons with Disabilities has a huge impact on how social care institutions can claim government subventions. This will change from a capacity based subvention to individual allowances (PersoonsVolgende Financiering or PVF) that are granted to the individual disabled person. It will be his authority to decide where he spends his allowance and he can even decide to split his allowance over different care services provided by different institutions. As a result everybody within the sector requires more performant financial planning tools and processes to facilitate this migration.

element61 has developed Sopfi which functions perfectly in this individual allowance setting and was developed together with the major stakeholders of the sector. More information can be found at .