Two new SMEs selected for the “Business Intelligence in the Cloud for SME” project

After the successful implementations at the pilot case SMEs Biobest and Reynders Etiketten, two new SMEs for 2011 have been selected for the Business Intelligence in the Cloud (SaaS) project. The two selected SMEs are Kender-Thijssen located in Dendermonde and Europal from Deerlijk.

Kender Thijssen located in Dendermonde helps medium and large companies to improve their performance through more intelligent use of ICT in three areas: computer rental, infrastructure solutions and Service management.

Europal located in Deerlijk has grown out since 1947 to a full-service packaging firm. Besides the design and production of total concept packaging solutions, it also delivers Packaging and Inbound Supply Chain Solutions in widely-offering industrial services, e.g. the investment goods industry, automotive, foods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, ...

Both SMEs meet the profile of the successful Flemish SME that looks for professional Management Information to better manage the company. At Kender Thijssen the project will focus on improved management reporting. For Europal the focus of the project is on sales reporting. The SMEs were selected based on their management vision on the use of Business Intelligence, the commitment to help define the user requirements and analyses, the quality of the data and the commitment to integrate the resulting Business Intelligence solution into the day-to-day operations.

Despite the belief of management in the need for Business Intelligence, SMEs often perceive setting up such an environment as too complex. The objective of the ERDF project "SaaS BI for SMEs" is assisting SMEs in implementing more efficient management reporting using a Business Intelligence (BI) SaaS platform (software as a service) to enable better business performance management.

Why can the ERDF project on Business Intelligence in the cloud be of interest to SMEs :

  • Free assistance in implementation of SaaS BI within the selected SMEs.
  • The knowledge sharing during various events and seminars.

For more practical information please contact :

Ilse Bracke - Lessius Mechelen – Lange ridderstraat - 2800 Mechelen  - 0472 38 86 81

or element61 through the details on the Contact Us-page.

For a casestudy, on one of the first SMEs in the project, read the Biobest case study .