Timeseer.AI and element61 to partner to bring sensor data quality into the Modern Data Platform to accelerate data-driven transformation

element61, the thought-leading Analytics consulting company, announces today that to further embed sensor data quality within companies’ modern data architectures, Timeseer.AI and element61 have signed a strategic partnership.

Timeseer.AI is an OT/IoT data software company established to address the data quality challenges of OT/IoT data. This data is at the heart of all data-driven solutions across industries and organizations, whether is it reporting, AI/ML or advanced solutions.

In the last years, many organizations have significantly matured in BI reporting by building automated Finance & Sales reporting in solutions like Microsoft Power BI or Qlik.

For a lot of manufacturing companies though, the true ROI on data lies in OT & operations: improving operational efficiency, automating certain production processes leveraging data & AI.

As organizations unlock their telemetry & MES data from operations, they encounter the same challenges as in IT: data needs to be improved in data quality, well-structured in a solid data platform architecture & continuously monitored.

To do this, element61 and Timeseer.AI jointly believe in a Modern Data Platform architecture, combining on-premise & Cloud technologies and leveraging data lakes, Microsoft Cloud & Databricks and other leading data platforms to enable & activate data. With this proven reference architecture in mind, element61 looks forward to helping joint Timeseer.ai customers tackle OT first-time-right.

Time series OT/IoT data is the fastest growing source of data for companies and organizations. To unlock its true potential, it needs to be made part of data pipelines and land in company data lakes. Partnering with element61 provides our customers with the expertise and experience to make sensor data an integral part of their transformation” according to Bert Baeck, CEO at Timeseer.AI.

Integrating OT & IoT data into a harmonized Data Platform is a core priority in industries like Utilities, Manufacturing, Chemistry & Food. Our customers want to do better operations & quality reporting and leverage this combined data into Data Science & AI. With Timeseer.AI part of such an architecture we guarantee the OT data quality is continuously monitored, validated & improved" comments Bart Van Der Vurst, Partner Analytics at element61.

About element61

Founded in 2007, element61 is the thought-leading Analytics consulting company offering experience & expertise in Analytics, Performance Management & Data Science. In 17 years, element61 has become the most experienced team in Analytics in Belgium. element61 is part of Moore Belgium since 2016.

More information on element61 can be found at www.element61.be.

About Timeseer.AI

With more than 150 human years of relevant time-series data experience and over 100+ sensor data quality checks, Timeseer.AI understands the complexity of turning raw OT/IoT data into high-quality, reliable data. Our software does the heavy lifting and empowers data teams to detect, analyze, and fix data quality issues before these significantly impact operations and critical business decisions. Learn more: https://www.timeseer.ai/