Webinar: Planning and Budgeting "Out-of-the-Box" for Navision/Dynamics BC, powered by Vena

What is “Out-of-the-Box” Planning & Budgeting?

With Planning “Out-of-the-Box”, companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central can budget, forecast, plan and report using their ERP data. No more disconnected spreadsheets, where every cost center or department has another version of the template, eliminate that big file where everything comes together by using complex and error prone spreadsheet formulas.

We bring the planning process closer to the analysts and controllers by packaging the software solution using Vena Solutions as platform. The result is a preconfigured model allowing users to plan and report on financial data, sales, projects, inventory and CRM.

Vena’s preconfigured model of Planning “Out-of-the-Box” contains the following elements:

  • The Vena platform contains one or more multidimensional models where the user can configure his own reporting structures for each of his dimensions.
  • Templates, using MS Excel technology, allow for efficient data entry and scripts allow to calculate measures or for example perform allocations on the fly.
  • Adding data validation rules can be enforced to your templates, which can either warn users when their inputs do not meet the requirements you have set or prevent them from saving those inputs altogether. Pre-built reports allow for real-time in-process reporting.
  • Vena allows for integration with external source types such as Microsoft SQL Server, which is used by Microsoft Dynamics. Chart of Account, departments, cost enters, products, etc along with their transaction data are integrated into the Vena model(s).

What’s in it for you?

The Planning out-of-the Box solution, based on a Navision/ Business Central source, has several benefits for you:

  • Pre-packaged solution. Covering the domains of Finance, Inventory, Projects and Production, for all NAV / BC versions
  • Agile. Achieve planning & modelling functionality within a minimum number of days, and enjoy fast improvement cycles
  • Cloud-base, no burden on IT. Deployed in no-time with no impact on the IT department, the business users can engage immediately with the Cloud-based Microsoft orientated solution.
  • Ease-of-use. Take ownership and put yourself in the driving seat. Easily maintain and shape your data and planning process.

At element61, we have the DNA to understand your aspirations and challenges regarding Planning & Budgeting.

Putting together our know-how and experience in deploying Planning and Reporting solutions at numerous customers, we developed Planning “Out-of-the-Box”, a prepackaged accelerator to support your budgeting and planning process.

The solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics Navision / Business Central as a source, supports your vital planning process, whether it is a zero based or historical approach, bottom-up or top-down.




29 April, 2021 -
13:00 to 14:00


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