Webinar: CCH Tagetik for Production planning and cost control

Imagine you have one production plant in France, another one in Spain and Romania, and the main distribution warehouse in Belgium. Each of them has different data about stock, material costs, wages, rent, shipments, ...

When production spans multiple plants and geographic areas, and local data is fragmented, it is difficult for corporate finance teams to track costs, understand the relationship between production costs and sales, and gain a true understanding of the factors that influence profitability.

CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning and Control

CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning and Control objectives are to connect all contributors, data and departments involved in the production, to automate time-consuming and error-prone tasks, and to improve production quality. The tool enables you to integrate this key process into your financial management, giving logistics, manufacturing, purchasing, sales and finance departments the information they need to establish realistic, profit-oriented budgets.

Additionally, the solution provides you with the tools to perform profitability analysis, what-if scenario modelling and financial and operational reconciliation.

In this webinar, we will let you discover some of the core capabilities of CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning and Control.




29 April, 2021 -
14:00 to 15:00


Virtual event. Make sure you register to receive the URL