Strengthen the foundation of your Analytics Journey with Data Governance

Feb 2024
06 February, 2024
12:00 to 19:00
Bulthaup Zaventem

Join us on Tuesday, February 06th, 2024 in element61’s Data Governance Kitchen at the Bulthaup showroom, where we will showcase our practical and achievable Data Governance recipe. We will present you with what it takes to cook up a Data Governance program and which ingredients mesh well together.

The following topics will be part of the agenda:

  • During the introductory session, we will share our insights on what trends make Data Governance a hot topic today. We will talk about the pillars of a Data Governance framework and our practical recommendations on how to get started.
  • In a session around Metadata, we will show you how to discover and catalog your data. Using Metadata, you can offer a comprehensive view of your data estate. 
    • What is a Data Catalog, and how does it differ from a Business Glossary?
    • How can you document your Data Lineage and make it work for you? A live demo of Zeenea will showcase what key functionalities make up a good Data Catalog and why it is essential to tailor it to your business reality.
  • The penultimate session is all about Data Quality. Nothing undermines a data initiative more than a lack of trust. Implementing the proper data quality checks can reduce the errors and gaps in your data and allow you to deliver data that can be trusted. We put this into practice with Soda to showcase how accessible data quality can be today.
  • In the final session, we focus on Master Data Management. When your Master Data is of poor quality, it impacts everything in your organization, from operations to reporting. Learn how Master Data Management can contribute to the success of your organization. With Profisee, we will demonstrate how technology can make this process manageable.
  • Network with peers and topical experts to learn more about different data challenges and practical implementations of data governance.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with other Data (Governance) professionals.

Download the detailed agenda here.

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