Microsoft Analytics & AI Day 2022

Apr 2022
26 April, 2022
11:00 to 17:30
Kinepolis Brussels: Boulevard du Centenaire - Eeuwfeestlaan 20, 1020 Brussels

Join us on Tuesday April 26th, 2022 at our annual element61 Microsoft Analytics & AI Day 2022 in Kinepolis Brussels focusing on how your organization can innovate through and with Data & Analytics.

For this event, we have -once more- built an exciting agenda with topics relevant for Analytics Architects and Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Competence leaders and BI key-users and developers.

During the day we will have three tracks:

  • A Power BI track perfectly fit for Business Intelligence & Business teams and aimed to empower managers, C-level and BI key-users with Power BI tips-and-tricks, an update on latest features & some great demo’s on how to smartly use Power BI and enable insights -between other- on Business Central Dynamics 365.
  • An Architectural track aimed to outline, demo and present important Analytics architectural paradigms like the Lakehouse, the Modern Data Platform and how solutions like TimeXtender & Vena can uniquely complement Azure products with respectively automation and planning functionalities.
  • A Technical track deep-diving in some learnings from the last years and ‘must-knows’ for you as Data Engineer or Cloud BI developer.

Microsoft Analytics & AI Day 2022
What's on the agenda?

  • A "deep dive" session on the latest "What is new" Power BI features incl. demos of the most recent version and new functionalities.
  • A testimonial of one of our customers – DPG Media – and how the Finance team modernized reporting, planning and beyond with the use of a Modern Data Platform in the Azure Cloud.
  • A showcase session by element61 on the latest trends in the Analytics space incl. latest features and services in Azure such as Azure Purview, Azure Synapse and new functionalities in Azure Databricks.
  • An advanced Power BI session on how to optimize reporting and self-service by knowing and tweaking the technical capabilities under the hood.
  • A session on the Lakehouse architecture outlying how it differs vs. a classical Data Warehouse or Data-Lake approach and how it can be practically built in the Azure ecosystem.
  • A solution demo of TimeXtender as Low-code Data Warehouse and Data Lake Automation solution to fasten your path to Analytics and how it runs in the Azure ecosystem.
  • A solution demo of Vena and how it can blend in a Modern Data Platform in Azure to support cloud-based Planning and Budgeting for the business user leveraging Azure, Power BI and a native Microsoft Excel interface.
  • A developer session on Azure Synapse incl. practical tips in how Azure Synapse differs from SQL server and how BI Cloud developers can best build their data model and ETL.
  • A learning session on what any Data Professional should know about Azure Security incl. how to safely move data, work with private endpoints, use managed identities, control accesses, etc. A session filled with concrete tips.
  • A session on infrastructure-as-code and DevOps incl. how we as element61 leverage these to automate and accelerate development, deployment and disaster recovery.

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This physical event will be held at Kinepolis Brussels (Boulevard du Centenaire - Eeuwfeestlaan 20, 1020 Brussels), where we take into account the Covid-19 governmental measures in place at the moment of the event. 

Download the detailed agenda here. 

This event is made possible thanks to the support of our partners Microsoft, Databricks and TimeXtender.

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