Introduction to Power BI for absolute beginners ! (Webinar)

Microsoft takes the Business Intelligence market by storm with Power BI. Are you completely new to Power BI and do you want to understand how Power BI can help your organization?  Maybe you are currently using another BI solution or still heavily relying on Excel and want to understand how Power BI might be more productive.

In this session we will:

  • Introduce you to the most important Power BI building blocks
  • Share our thoughts on the Power BI licensing cost
  • Show a high-level Power BI demo so you get the right overview

These virtual sessions are 100% free and open for all who want to join.

Register for this session if you want to get a better general understanding of Power BI, or to learn how Power BI can benefit your organization.

Already intrigued? Here you can find our short introduction to Power BI:
Microsoft Power BI: Introduction