Improve Decision-making with Power BI

Improve Decision-making with Power BI

With the massive amounts of data generated by your organization, making sense of that data and sharing it with decision-makers can be a challenge. We are here to help! Join element61 and Microsoft during this free webinar to learn how to leverage best practices, empower your employees and enable decision-makers across your organization.

In this session we will cover the following topics:

  • Which Power BI configuration fits your purpose?
  • How to achieve governed BI flexibility?
  • Can your confidential data be shared? How to design for security.
  • How can you engage for enterprise adoption?
  • How can Power BI connect or integrate with your systems?
  • A real-life demo on the tool and its functionalities
  • How to build your Power BI business case?
  • The sessions will allow Q&A on questions from the audience

This virtual session is 100% free and open for all who want to join. Please be aware that this is a session focused on Business Decision Makers, but don’t hesitate to leave your contact details below as we will have some more technical sessions coming up in the near future.

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19 November, 2020


Microsoft Teams