IBM - Meet IBM event

During "MEET IBM 2010: See IT differently" on 21 September 2010, you will find out about the latest developments that can help them face the five most important challenges of the future:

-        How can IT turn data into business insights?
-        How does IT help you gain effectiveness and control costs?
-        How can IT manage risks | including security risks?
-        How does IT help people cooperate better?
-        How can IT make the organization more resilient?

You will meet leading specialists and hear inspiring case studies, first hand. There will be many presentations and information sessions on storage, cloud, security, dynamic and green infrastructure, business analytics,collaboration, virtualization and much more. In just one single day, they will be completely up-to-date.

The Information Management brand has 8 presentations that day in all four segments: 
- Trusted Content Analytics (Enetrprise Content Management), 
- Smart Analytics (InfoSphere), 
- Predictive Analytics (Cognos & SPSS), 
- Lower the Cost of Data (DB2), 
- Advanced Case Management (Enetrprise Content Management), 
- Protecting Data Privacy (Optim and Guardium), 
- The Performance Platform (Cognos),
- Trusted Data: Aligned Decision Making (InfoSphere, Cognos and SPSS).

In this way this event can be considered as "The Information on Demand Conference comes to you".