How to Make Your Data Work for You with the Power BI Adoption Framework?


Embarking on the journey of implementing Power BI isn't merely about following technical steps, it's a transformational journey towards nurturing a data culture that can drive impactful and strategic outcomes. The webinar will discuss the Power BI Adoption Framework and how it can support you in getting more value out of your BI projects. We will explore how the framework can be used to: 

  1. Evaluate your current adoption situation  
  2. Find new areas of improvement and adoption strategies 
  3. Measure and track Power BI adoption strategy implementation 

You will learn the importance of setting clear goals and objectives, identifying key stakeholders, and developing a comprehensive adoption plan. We will also cover best practices for measuring and evaluating your adoption strategy, including tracking usage and engagement, identifying improvement areas, and making data-driven decisions to optimize your Power BI deployment. 

Join us to learn how to maximize the value of Power BI for your organization and drive successful adoption across your teams. 


  • Introducing the Power BI adoption roadmap 
    • Who is the audience? 
    • What areas is it focused on? 
  • How can you leverage the roadmap to: 
    • assess your current situation and pain points 
    • find areas of improvement and draft a coherent plan to drive adoption 
    • measure progress and foster continuous improvement  
  • From theory to practice: 
    • How can you incorporate these guidelines in your organization and start generating value 


After registration, you can watch the recording of the webinar🎯 


More information: Microsoft Fabric adoption roadmap