How to Accelerate Your Transformation towards a data-driven culture?


Are you looking to establish a data-driven culture within your organization and wondering how to fast-track the transformation process? 👉 Let's explore some effective strategies that can accelerate your journey towards becoming a data-driven enterprise. 

In the webinar, you will learn about the latest advancements in data engineering and how element61's solutions can help accelerate your data-driven initiatives: 

The acceleration kits provide pre-built templates, best practices, and tools to accelerate the deployment and adoption of data solutions.  

  • For instance, the Power BI adoption framework helps organizations to adopt Power BI quickly and efficiently.  
  • Similarly, the data lakehousing kit for Databricks provides a pre-built data lake architecture and lakehouse patterns (like patterns for SCD1, SCD2, etc.) that can be customized to meet specific business needs. 
  • Meanwhile, the Infrastructure-as-Code kit helps organizations automate the deployment of infrastructure resources and automated deployments via CICD pipelines. 
  • The monitoring kits provide tools to monitor the performance, rightful usage, and overall utilization of the Azure data solutions.  

These acceleration kits help organizations reduce the time and effort required to implement data solutions and focus on delivering value to their customers. 

With the Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" solutions, you can easily access and analyze data from various ERP systems such as SAP, Dynamics365, Exact Online, Netsuite, and more. These solutions offer comprehensive data pipelines and insights, providing you with end-to-end visibility into your business operations. 

Our experts will showcase real-world examples of how our solutions have helped organizations across various industries achieve their data goals. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights and take your data engineering to the next level.  

After registration, you can watch the recording of the webinar🎯