Data Science & Strategy Day 2020

Data Science & Strategy Day 2020


Join us on Thursday September 24th 2020 at our second edition of the element61 Data Science & Strategy Day focusing on how your organization can innovate through and with data.

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A full virtual event!

Given the circumstances, we will be hosting the event through a virtual event platform. Sit back & enjoy the event from the comfort of your home: we look forward to meeting you on September 24th!

We invite both business and more technical people to join us on this event. This event serves as a great way to discover & get to know more about the latest trends in the world of data science, modern data platform, big data, IoT and AI and how you can get started in your organization. 

What's on the agenda?

To accommodate a broad audience of participants, our event has a business track and a technical track throughout the day. The business track is focused on C-level, management level, marketing and sales experts and analysts; the technical track invites everyone with some technical affinity in data analytics, data engineering or data science. 


We start the main conference at 13.00 with two keynotes:

  • A showcase session by element61 where we will live demo how Machine Learing and Analytics can run on Azure and Databricks using all latest features available
  • A key note session by Roularta Media Group presenting their vision and trajectory in analytics building up a data team and a new analytics platform on Microsoft Azure.


Inspiration tracks

After the key notes, we offer a business & a technical track in parallel:

  • Data Science & Strategy Day 2020In the business track we'll have four customers sharing their data story:
    • The Proximus team will share how they embed data in their marketing and build up a true 1-to-1 personalized offering across all online channels
    • Damart will talk about how they optimised their customer experience through continuous Customer Segmentation
    • The scale-up team of Cubigo will talk about why they set-up a Modern Data Platform to further enable their product ambitions
    • Roularta Media Group will demonstrate "what's 'under the hood'" in their platform and how they leverage Delta Lake across their platform
  • Data Science & Strategy Day 2020
    In the technical track we'll share latest best-practices & trends:
    • How to win time in your Azure set-up with infrastructure as code 
    • The added-value of MLOps and a comparison of tools available on the market
    • A deep-dive on Azure ML and MLflow and how these tools can accelerate your AI development on Databricks and Azure
    • How Spark can speed-up data science by clarifying Pandas vs. Spark vs. Koalas

Participants are invited to do a mix of technical and business sessions as per their interest.
Download the full agenda here.

OPTIONAL: Morning Azure sessions

In the morning of this second edition we organize four additional technical sessions on Azure, Azure Synapse & Power BI
These sessions will cover four very new features and releases in the Microsoft & Azure domain:

  • Everything you need to know about Azure Synapse (Studio), a game changer?
  • Azure DevOps for BI & Data professionals
  • Leverage your Power BI scale with Mixed Mode & Azure Synapse
  • How to survive as a Power BI Admin!


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The event will be full virtual and be hosted through a dedicated platform with registrations made on a "first come, first served" basis. Register now to reserve your seat and add the event to your calendar.

This event is made possible with our thought partners Microsoft and Databricks.

Data Science & Strategy Day 2020  Data Science & Strategy Day 2020

Download the full agenda here



Data Science & Strategy Day 2020

Data Science & Strategy Day 2020




24 September, 2020 -
09:00 to 18:00


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