CFO magazine - Best Finance Team of the Year 2024

May 2024
16 May, 2024
18:00 to 23:00
Finance Club De Montil - Moortelstraat 8 - 1790 Essene

The award event for ‘Best Finance Team of the Year' on May 16th, 2024, has become a "classic" in the Belgian financial community. element61 will be present at the 21st edition of the event with invited customers.

The 'Best Finance Team of the Year' award places the accomplishments of the CFO and his co-workers in the spotlight. The central principle is that finance is a team event.

The award recognizes the whole finance team, not an individual reward. CFOs who appreciate the efforts of their employees will find an excellent medium to recognize and reward them with this award.

The award is granted to a team of financial employees based on concrete performance and achievements. The principle is that even if those performances or achievements can only be allocated to one or a limited number of employees (e.g. for a very specific project) the project could only succeed with the cooperation and input of the whole team. The award aims to also place the less visible contributions to the success of a project in the spotlight.

More information will follow.