elementary™ - excel-erators

In a lot of cases, either in terms of technical processes (like master data management, data quality checking and error logging, XBRL tagging, SAP BW cube performance tuning, cloud data uploads, ) or conceptual process models (IFRS, cash flow forecasting, financial business intelligence, analytical CRM, supply chain analysis, ) a customer buying "off the shelf Business Intelligence or Performance Management software still need to build a lot of logic and processes themselves before they can get going.

Very often this leads a bit to "re-inventing the wheel as other organisations that wanted to achieve the same have already been doing the same or similar effort, in every step from reflection over design to technical realisation. element61 invests in actively developing these blueprints/ starterkits to accelerate customer projects.

These efforts are part of our elementary- research program and the end-result is bundled as "elementary excel-erators, as they not only allow to speed up implementations, but also are based on bundled best practices allowing you to better "excel" in your BI, CPM or financial reporting initiative. As such they represent also an important saving in implementation time and budget.

View on some excel-erators within the elementary document pack

elementary document example

These head-starts deliver on the idea of the "analytical application, or the purpose build BI or CPM applications, adapted to your business function and industry. An often hyped concept that is still very immature in terms of real leading software vendors product portfolio, but certainly is part of the future of our industry.