Using MLflow with Databricks

Jun 2023
06 June, 2023
09:00 to 17:00
1 day
Brussels element61 office
675 €

MLflow in a leading framework for MLOps supporting the tracking, registry and deployment of Machine Learning models. In this course, we'll teach how to use MLflow end-to-end using Azure Databricks.


In this 1-day course you'll learn what MLflow is and how to use it in Azure Databricks. We'll cover

  • MLflow set-up: we'll learn you how to set-up MLflow in Databricks using all best-practices 
  • MLflow tracking: learning you how to track and record different training runs & performance parameters during your various model runs
  • Discuss deployment options of Machine Learning incl. batch, streaming, and real-time use cases and how MLflow and Azure ML fit into the mix
  • MLflow deployment: learning you to register a model, deploy that model into production & update a model in production to new version including a staging phase for testing
  • MLflow administration and CICD using Azure ML: learning you how to administrator MLflow rights, access and a CICD-way-of-working using Azure DevOps and Mlflow 

Using MLflow with Databricks



  • € 675 per day

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Using MLflow with Databricks

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