Data Science training for BI Analysts

Sep 2023
Sep 2023
12 September, 2023 to 13 September, 2023
09:00 to 17:00
2 days
Brussels element61 office
1.350 €

Business analysts and programmers are getting more and more into contact with advanced analytics. Although not the core of their job, it is important that they gain an initial understanding of what it is, and what value it can bring to their organization. Therefore, we have created a 2-day introductory course in Data Science explaining all the important concepts, and the process that leads to a successful project. We end the course with practical examples and applications of machine learning to give food for thought for all participants. 

Course Objective

This 2 day training is an excellent opportunity to get up to speed with all the concepts of Data Science, without getting into the nitty-gritty details. After this training, the participants should have enough knowledge to answer the question: “would advanced analytics help to solve this business problem?”.


  • Business analysts, Customer Insights analysts, Financial analysts
  • Experience with traditional BI tools like Excel and SPSS, no specific progamming knowledge needed
  • basic mathematical and statistics knowledge
  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn about Machine Learning and Data Science



Day 1

  • What’s changing in the world of AI
  • AI, Machine Learning & Data Science. What is it all about?
  • What is the potential impact of ML?
  • How do we typically approach a Data Science project?
  • What skillsets do you need to get started?

Day 2

  • A typical Data Science project: Step-by-step
    • Strategy
    • Data Gathering
    • Data exploration
    • Machine Learning process
    • Business validation
  • Reflection: How can we get started with ML in your organization


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