Azure fundamentals for BI Professionals

Sep 2023
Sep 2023
19 September, 2023 to 20 September, 2023
09:00 to 17:00
2 days
Brussels element61 office
1.350 €

The cloud offers organizations access to (PaaS) platform-as-a-service components, pay-as-you-go cost models, flexibility and scalability... but most of all cloud gives us innovation and rapid access to new features and functionalities. 

As a Data professional you want to stay up-to-date about how BI and Data Science is ran in the cloud, which features are new and which components can help overcome current challenges in your on-premise BI & Data Science environment. With that ambition, we host a 2-day fundamentals workshop aimed to share and show what a BI professional should know about building BI and Analytics platforms in the Azure Cloud. 

Azure fundamentals for Data professionals

Course objective

The objective of this 2-day workshop is to learn the fundamentals on how to design, build and run a BI platform in the Azure Cloud. Building on the concepts that BI professionals know (e.g. ETL, slowly changing dimensions, ...) we'll be transparent on what's similar but different in Azure and which components and concepts are new but very relevant (e.g. DevOps, parallelization, infrastructure as code). We'll train you on the fundamentals and give you a full perspective on what you should know, how to get started and what skills to further grow.


  • You are an IT or BI manager, developer or Data Scientist/Engineer interested in the cloud for data & analytic workloads
  • You are looking to know what's what in the Azure Cloud and get some practical tips (rather than reading online documentation)
  • You are familiar with the concepts of ETL and data warehousing


The training will handle underneath modules/topics

Day 1

  • Introduction to Azure and its positioning 
  • Overview of Azure Fundamentals: portal, availability, SLA, and pricing
  • Explanation of Azure IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS products
  • Overview of core services for BI and Data: Data Factory, Databricks, Data Lake, etc.
  • Building a Data Warehouse with Azure
  • Introduction to Dashboard and Visualizations
  • Hands-on experience in deploying and building production-ready data factory pipelines for your data warehouse

Day 2:

  • Transition from Data Warehouse to Data Lakehouse and building a Modern Data Platform 
  • Building Data Engineering Pipeline with Databricks for your Lakehouse
  • Overview of Microsoft Fabric as a SaaS solution
  • Introduction to DevOps in Azure
  • Exploring Security and Governance in Azure
  • Advanced hands-on sessions in Databricks, Data Factory, and Data Lake to build a Modern Data Platform
  • Practical tips and insights for the Modern Data Platform Journey

Azure fundamentals for Data professionals  Azure fundamentals for Data professionalsAzure fundamentals for Data professionalsAzure fundamentals for Data professionals

These technologies will be extensively covered in this course. From left to right: Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, Azure Devops




  • 1350 € per participant for 2 days (fundamentals + hands-on)


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