Advanced Microsoft Power BI - Developers

Mar 2024
Mar 2024
26 March, 2024 to 27 March, 2024
09:00 to 17:00
2 Days
Brussels element61 office
1.350 €

Course Description and Duration

Join us for a 2-day training where you'll discover the secrets of creating enterprise datasets using the powerful tools within Power BI. Gain the skills to govern your Power BI environment effectively, enabling your colleagues to effortlessly generate reports based on the datasets you curate. By the end, you'll be equipped to unleash the full potential of Power BI within your organization.

Learning outcomes

  • Day 1 - Data model construction
    • Introduction to Power BI and Overview of portal & desktop tool 
    • Licensing options
    • Connecting to Data Sources 
    • Explain the difference between Import vs. Direct Query vs. Direct Lake 
    • Presentation of the Power Query Editor  
    • Incremental Refresh
    • Modelling & Relationships Handling in Power BI
    • Intro to DAX, Concepts, Measures, and Calculated Columns
    • Calculated groups 
  • Day 2 - Advanced features 
    • Power BI Dataflows & Datamarts
    • Workspace management
    • RLS & OLS
    • External tools
    • XMLA Endpoints
    • Deployment Pipelines
    • Hybrid tables

Target audience

Data professionals that are developing the Power BI datasets, closing the gap between the Datawarehouse and the Power BI reports. This workshop is tailor-made for individuals who aspire to create Power BI datasets following best practices, ensuring optimal performance. By mastering the art of performant dataset creation, you'll pave the way for report builders to effortlessly craft meaningful reports that drive insightful decision-making. This training assumes basic knowledge of Power BI, or people who have followed either our Introduction to Power BI workshop, or our Advanced Power BI workshop for report builders.


The workshop is organized as a knowledge transfer with hands-on exercises.


1.350 € per participant 

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