Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs

This book explains why many of the organizations that have turned to the balanced scorecard methodology of Kaplan and Norton have failed to reap the expected benefits of implementing performance management. David Parmenter clearly defines what ′key performance indicators′ are and puts forward a twelve-step model for developing and using the correct KPIs to ensure that all of an organization's resources and efforts are focused on achieving its business strategy.

About the Author

David Parmenter is the CEO and Managing Director of Waymark Solutions. For the last ten years, he has specialized in assisting organizations to measure, report, and improve their performance. He has an in-depth understanding of "winning KPIs" and how an organization can implement a balanced scorecard in sixteen weeks. He is an international presenter and authority on a wide range of topics including quarterly rolling planning—replacing the annual planning process. David is a member of the New Zealand and English Institute of Chartered Accountants.