TimeXtender and Qlik: better together

  • TimeXtender and Qlik: better togetherAre you an existing Qlik customer struggling with complex business rules, data quality and master data issues? Is gaining access to information from all data sources a struggle? Are your business users questioning the trustworthiness of reports and analyses?
  • If you are new to Qlik and considering investments, what are best practices for long term sustainability of a self-service BI solution?

Join us on March 28, 2017, in a session hosted by Qlik and TimeXtender and see how to build a Discovery Hub™ live. No more missing data. No more reports that break when underlying data sources change. Also see how Qlik can be an innovative data discovery solution on top of this layer. Experience how TimeXtender provides a real foundation to your Qlik solution.

TimeXtender and Qlik: better together

The event will kick-off with a keynote by Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender. He guided TimeXtender to more than 2.600 customers across 60 countries and made it the world’s largest provider of Data Warehouse Automation software for the Microsoft SQL Server market. 

-- Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender

We all know that time is money. TimeXtender believes that time matters… time to data matters. Business leaders should never lose time waiting for access to trustworthy data. Talented IT professionals should never have to waste time on boring redundant tasks that can be automated.

After the keynote speech, you will get a live demo of the Discovery Hub™, a comprehensive end to end solution. Unlike other approaches, which rely on a mix of tools and vendors, for things like scripting, data prep, and data blending, Discovery Hub™ is an integrated platform that leverages the power of automation and provides the benefits of both speed and agility.

After the coffee break, Qlik will elaborate on the remaining important role of IT in the age of Self-Service BI.

TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub™ can be coupled with either Qlik Sense or QlikView, putting user-friendly data in the hands of the right people at the right time. It protects the data in a secured and governed fashion displaying the data in a stunning, analytical visual presentation, and helping organizations to reduce the gap between business and IT to realize the numerous benefits of a modern data infrastructure.

element61 will highlight the benefits of making TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub™ a part of your architecture. Companies that already have QlikView or Qlik Sense, can use TX DWA to create a robust data warehouse. And companies that already have TX DWA, can integrate Qlik with their existing data warehouse, and benefit from powerful visualization and reporting options.

It is reassuring to know that whatever change future may hold, you will be ready to handle it. Intersig, a customer using the winning Qlik-TimeXtender combination, will testify that TimeXtender has been true to promise. TimeXtender helped to automate the technical process and Qlik helped to deliver striking visuals.

You will be invited to network with your local peers on a cocktail drink with tapas.

The March 28 event is oriented at the IT, Business User and C-level. Learn why Qlik and TimeXtender are an unbeatable combination. Mark the date in your agenda.

The detailed agenda can be downloaded here in pdf format.

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TimeXtender and Qlik: better together

TimeXtender and Qlik: better together



The event will be hosted at our Moore Belgium office in Brussels (Esplanade 1, bus 96 in Brussels)

The event will start at noon 12am with a sandwich lunch, presentations will start at 1pm and the event will end around 6pm with a networking reception

Looking forward meeting you then.

TimeXtender and Qlik: better together




28 March, 2017 -
12:00 to 18:00


Moore Belgium (Buro & Design Center) - Esplanade 1, bus 96 in Brussels