CCH Tagetik Days Benelux 2018

CCH Tagetik Days Benelux 2018

There is little question about what the next ‘big thing’ in finance will be: modernization, also known as transformation or digital evolution, seems to be on everyone’s mind. Yet why is such a large group still conservative when it comes to change? What are the advantages of using technology to innovate the Office of Finance’s role? And how can your company come out on top during this watershed moment?

Join us at The Next Big Thing conference hosted by CCH Tagetik -and partners like element61- on the serene and rustic premises of Priorij Corsendonk.

Here, we will be discussing finance as a new hub in the strategic process, transforming the ever-increasing flow of raw data into business insights, centralizing data management, and finding the right tech to support your finance-modernization journey.

Why attend?

  • Learn how our Finance Transformation Platform can help to modernize your Office of Finance
  • Meet our partners to share experiences and make use of their knowledge
  • Discover the CCH Tagetik roadmap, enhancements, new features and the value that these can bring
  • Benefit from customer’s sharing their stories, best practices and lessons learned
  • Discover the new UI and Analytical Workspace capabilities
  • Meet CCH Tagetik executives, product experts, consultants and trainers
  • Engage, Learn and Network with your peers

Join us in Oud-Turnhout for a rich day filled with expert and customer-led sessions, product updates, demonstrations and peer-to-peer networking events that will be nothing short of exciting, interactive and informative.

The agenda is being finalizedIn the meantime, please find below the summary of the agenda:

12:00 Registration and lunch
13:00 Opening Modernization of Finance
13:15 Customer Guest speaker
14:00 Roadmap CCH Tagetik; summary & demos TinT 2018
14:45 Break
15:00 Breakout: Round 1 / including one Round Table
15:50 Breakout: Round 2 / including one Masterclass
16:35 Break
17:00 Breakout: Round 3 / including one Masterclass
17:50 Breakout: Round 4 / including one Masterclass
18:35 Panel Discussion (incl Mentimeter)
19:00 Benelux Customer Awards
19:15 Dinner & entertainment
21:30 Closing of the bar

Join us with more then 150 attendees eager to learn about the next 'big thing' in finance. 

More details on the event & registration form can be found on the Tagetik website here.



20 septembre, 2018


Priorij Corsendonk, Oud-Turnhout