Power BI Premium vs Pro (Webinar)

Power BI Premium vs Pro (Webinar)Power BI Premium is becoming Microsoft’s flagship tool for both self-service BI and Enterprise BI. Do you need Premium in your organization or will Power BI Pro be enough to do the job?

      In this session we will:

      • Share our thoughts on considering Power BI Premium vs Power BI Pro
      • Make a fair judgement of the Premium licensing cost and discuss tipping points
      • Take a deeper dive into the specific Power BI Premium features and how they might be beneficial for you
      • Demo the most important Premium capabilities.

      These virtual sessions are 100% free and open for all who want to join.

      Register for this session if you want to get a better understanding of the Power BI Premium product, or to learn if you should plan for Power BI Premium or Power BI Pro.

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      This is part in a series of webinars around Azure. In these virtual, online sessions (organized via Microsoft Teams, but accessible from any browser) the element61 team will present:

      • What the solution is and the function it has in a modern data platform
      • How you can practically use it and what you need to pay attention to when setting it up
      • A real-life demo on the tool and its functionalities
      • The sessions will allow Q&A on questions from the audience

      This 1 hour virtual meeting will be a great way to catch-up with the different tools. Furthermore, use the opportunity to ask your questions to our experts.
      These virtual sessions are 100% free and open for all who want to join.

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      Each of the sessions can also be followed as a stand-alone session.